Processing the Tobacco

Aug 01

Processing the Leaves

Whole Leaf is not taxable simply because it is unprocessed tobacco. To process the tobacco you would need to do one simple thing, remove the main stem from the leaf. After the main stem is removed, you now have processed tobacco (taxable). The tax is only paid if the tobacco is sold in this new form. If you bought it as whole leaf, then processing it for your own use, it is 100% legal.

The first picture (top - left) is what 1/2 a pound of whole golden leaf tobacco looks like. A lot different from the dark brown cigarette tobacco in cigarettes today!

The second picture (top - middle) is a single whole leaf.

The third picture (top - right) is the beginning of the processing stage, this is removal of the top of the leaf, the part where the stem get thin.

(Bottom - left) - removing of one half of the leaf, just tearing down the stem, quick and easy.

(Bottom - middle) - tear the second half off of the stem.

(And finally Bottom - right) - Now you are at the next to last step in manufacturing/processing tobacco. This picture shows the finished leaves without the stem. The last process is to throw away the stem and light dampen the leaves (a iron that produces a lot of steam works well). Then place the tobacco in your chopper or a blender and shred it. After it is shredded, let the tobacco air dry or use an oven on 120 degrees until almost dry. Then lay out tobacco and let it air dry the rest of the way. Your smoke is now ready.